Delivering Bad News To Customers: Sales And Customer Service


Delivering Bad News To Customers: Sales And Customer Service, How to professionally deliver bad news to customers if you work a sales, customer success, or a customer service role.

Course Description

Lean to say no to customers or deliver bad news to them in a sensible, professional, transparent, and respectable way that impresses, builds trust, and builds positive aspects of your relationship with them for the long term.


Even though you aim to please your customers, you’ll sometimes find yourself in a situation in which you must say no. So instead of blatantly saying no, you must wrap that “no” in many yeses.

I’ll show you how to acknowledge your customers views and desires to make them feel respected and heard. I’ll also show you how to structure the “no” in order to offer viable existing alternatives, and work with them to ultimately end up with a solution that placates their concerns or needs.


Sometimes customers make wild requests because they are not expert in your field. That’s why you are the service provider and they are the customer. If you take the time to educate them on the best standard approach, they may appreciate it, and retract their unreasonable demands.


Sometimes you just make errors that you have to inform your customers of. It can feel scary to do so, but being transparent and honest is often the best approach. I’ll show you how to handle situations in which you must deliver bad news so you do it gracefully, and with minimal negative impact.

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