Data structure & algorithm in Java: From scratch to deep


Data structure & algorithm in Java: From scratch to deep, Data structure & algorithm deep dive.

Hey guys this course if for those who just get into this Data structure and algorithm thing, this course is mostly theory and will cover only introduction concepts of DSA if you want to learn some advanced concepts of DSA in the future I am planning to cover some advanced concepts in detail

my course you will get each and everything in so much detail and easy manner I explained each concept using various practical examples I have divided this course into different sections:

Well, the course that I have uploaded now is only the first module:

First Section

Introduction to java

  • Introduction to Programming Language
  • Origin of Java
  • Java’s relationship to C and C++

Second Section

Introduction to data structure and algorithm

  • Why do we need Data structure?
  • What is an Algorithm?
  • Definition of DSA
  • Classification of Data structure
  • Operation on data structure
  • Types of Algorithms

Third Section

Abstract data types

  • Types and Data types
  • Definition of ADT

Well, a prerequisite for this course is just to have a basic knowledge of java concepts, however, knowing how to code is not necessary

well, anyone who is interested in exploring some advanced concepts of programming should learn data structure and algorithms as it introduces you to the many new things that can make your code look cleaner and faster

By clean code, I don’t mean to write code without error but code that consumes a lesser number of lines and by faster, I mean to write code that runs very fast.

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