Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Part 1 – Information Security


Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Part 1 – Information Security, For jobseekers and career change aspirants – Learn from Industry Leaders.

Course Description

The “CyberSecurity Fundamentals – Part 1” course is a comprehensive program designed to delve into the multifaceted world of protecting information systems. Spanning a range of crucial topics, the course covers:

– Information Security Principles: Understand the foundational concepts of information security, ensuring a robust understanding of what drives security measures.

– Roles and Responsibilities: Explore the key roles in information security, detailing what responsibilities each role entails.

– Governance: Learn about the importance of governance in maintaining information security, and how it shapes policies and practices.

– Control Frameworks: Get acquainted with various control frameworks that help in the implementation and management of information security measures.

– Security Policies: Discover how to develop and implement effective security policies that align with organizational goals.

– Change Management (CM): Understand the significance of CM in information security, focusing on how to manage and adapt to changes securely.

– Risk Assessment: Learn the methodologies for assessing and mitigating risks, a critical aspect of maintaining information security.


Karthik Kulkarni

Cybersecurity expert with 9+years of experience in LAN, WAN, Routing, Switching, Network security, proxy, SIEM, SOAR, endpoint and Information Security domain. Adaptive learner and a team player familiar with various geographies, including APAC, EMEA and NA-GB regions. Worked with top companies like HCL, Trane Technologies, Optiv, Dimension Data, etc

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