Crushin’ Russian, First Russian course made with the help of AI.

Course Description

This is the first Russian course made with the help of AI.

Russian is a language spoken by 300 million people worldwide and it’s a lingua franca in the 15 former Soviet Republics.
It’s also an amazing gateway language to get familiar with Slavic languages like Ukrainian and Belarusian if you’ll want to keep exploring those! They share a lot of the vocabulary, have similar scripts and grammar!

We will start by talking about the Russian alphabet. We will look at words that exist in both English and Russian, international words so to speak, and see how they’re spelled differently despite having the same sounds. This way you’ll get used to the Russian script and you will find out that it’s actually not as intimidating as it seems. You will also learn many useful tricks to memorize some of the trickier Russian letters. Then we’re gonna have a reading practice session where we’ll gradually introduce some fundamental concepts of grammar, as well as very useful words.

This course is built with the feeling of wonder in mind, you will discover amazing things and connections that will hopefully amaze you!

With the help of chat GPT to design the learning path, you’re in very good hands!¬†Hope you can have a blast and learn Russian in no time!

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