Creating The Perfect YouTube Video Like a Pro


Creating The Perfect YouTube Video Like a Pro, Start From 0 and 10X Your YouTube Business.

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So you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel or turn your existing one into a viable business? While it might sound easy, succeeding on YouTube can be one of the hardest businesses to start primarily due to competition. The average YouTube video gets just 5,600 views… however 96% of all YouTube videos get less than 100 views. So how do you become part of the 4% who succeed on YouTube?¬†Through marketing, differentiation, and quality content. However, even doing all of those things sometimes isn’t enough when starting out, sometimes you need a little “boost”. So in this course, we’ll be going over all the basics of starting a channel that has the potential to succeed and then we’ll talk about some secret tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last 7 years to give your channel the boost it needs to get the ball rolling on growth. After which we’ll talk about building an audience and converting that audience into dollars. We’ve all heard about how you can get views monetized on YouTube. But normally that only makes around $1-2 per thousand views. With the right strategy and niche, you can make over $100 per thousand views, making even a small channel with 50k+ views a month a viable income to live off of. So if you’re ready to jump-start your YouTube career, join the course and we’ll get you started on your journey.

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