Create Your Online Course Plan – 5 Day Challenge


Create Your Online Course Plan – 5 Day Challenge, Complete the plan for your next (or first) online course in just 5 days!

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So you’re thinking about creating an online course?!  Awesome!

After teaching over 32,000 people how to create quality online courses, I know that one of the things most people struggle with is getting started!

You know SO much, you have SO many ideas and SO many things that you could cover in your course, that it all just seems completely overwhelming.

Not anymore!

I have developed a simple process that will help you get all of your ideas out of your head, and structured into a great online course outline.

All you have to do is watch these 5 tutorial videos and complete the exercise at the end of each video – and you will have a course outline ready to start filming by the end of the week!


Great online courses, have great plans behind them.

Any training program, whether online or offline needs a well constructed delivery map to ensure that it will deliver what it has promised to your students, keeps them engaged and motivated, and keeps you as the educator organised.

BUT – the plan is often where course creators get stuck, bored or overwhelmed.

You have so many ideas that you get lost in the giant pile of content on your desk, you have no idea what order to put everything in, or how much content you should be including.

Then you just push it all to one side and another 6 months go by with your course still stuck in your head, earning you zero money.

And that’s no good for anybody.

In this challenge, you will be given 5 tutorial videos, each with a task so that by the end of the 5 lessons (which you can watch all in one go, or spread them out over 5 days as suggested), you WILL have your whole online course plan fully mapped out and ready to film if you follow and implement all of the steps in this training.

I am a post-graduate qualified educator and curriculum developer and have created over 40 online courses of my own and thousands of courses for other people as the CEO of an education company – and the youngest University Director in Australian history!

This process simplifies course creation to make it quick and easy for anyone to finally get their course mapped out and has been tried and tested thousands of times by my 32,000+ course creation students.

Don’t waste anymore time just ‘thinking’ about getting your online course planned out – jump on this training, put aside 1 hour a day and have it finally finished at last within the next 5 days, so that you are ready to film and get your expertise out to the world, earning you money and changing people’s lives.

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