Crash course of Italian for Ukrainians, explained in Russian


Crash course of Italian for Ukrainians, explained in Russian, Learn the basics of the Italian language with this practical course.

Course Description

Starting from scratch you will build a solid foundation of Italian. Starting with the differences with the Cyrillic alphabet, you will learn to read and pronounce new words and phrases, useful in school contexts and in everyday life. The proposed exercises will help you strengthen and speed up learning, making you an active part of the course.

Who is the instructor?

Giulia Tazzini is a professional Linguistic and Cultural Mediator, graduated from the Higher School for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa. She is active in linguistic and motivational support of Ukrainian children in Italian schools.

Course content:

– Introduction

Welcome to the course and general description

– Italian alphabet

Differences between Cyrillic and Italian alphabet with the support of slides, images and repetition exercises

– Common words

Selection of the most useful words in school and everyday life

– Numbers

Numbers from 1 to 20 and tens up to 100

– Colors

Main colors with repeat test

– Days

The days of the week

– School subjects

The main school subjects

– Food

Basic food vocabulary

– Family

Names of major kinship relationships

– Sports

Classic sports in Italian culture

Who is this course for?

If you are looking to learn Italian quickly, and are looking for valid support, this is the course for you. We have divided the course into short-term modules, to be quickly reviewed and learned.

скоро увидимся на курсе, which means see you soon in the course.

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