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Coordinate Geometry – Mathematics, Coordinate Geometry.

Hello Everyone, I have been teaching Mathematics since the past 15 years and have seen students struggle in Coordinate Geometry quite a few times. This course is especially developed for students who have troubles with Graphs and Coordinate Geometry in Mathematics. Students joining High School or Secondary classes and O’levels according to British curriculum, this course is very helpful and can also be a refresh for senior level classes. It will enable students to make their basics strong and to solve higher level topics like Equation of the line, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Lines of Intersection and Area of Shapes. I have kept in mind the difficult areas where students face difficulties, along with exam style questions so that on exam day there are no surprises. This course will tell you about how to work out:

1) Graphs

2) Gradients

3) Mid-Point

4) Distances

5) Equation of the Line

6) Parallel Lines

7) Perpendicular Lines

8) Intersecting Lines

9) Coordinate Geometry in Shapes

10) Practice Questions and Assignments

I have explained all these topics in detail with examples so that they are easier and fun to understand.

You can ask any questions in the Q & A and you will be responded as this course also includes challenge questions and quizzes. Have Fun.

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