Competitive Edge Through Modularization & Mass Customization


Competitive Edge Through Modularization & Mass Customization, An introduction to how operational excellence & significantly increased business performance can be obtained.

In this FREE mini-course, I will provide you with a good and broad introduction to the topic of modularization and mass customization.

Mass Customization seeks to take the benefits of traditional mass production such as uniform qualitystandardized and or automated processeslower prices, etc, and combine it with the flexibility and unique solutions of highly customized products and services.

In this introduction course:

-I will teach you WHY an organization or business should even care about modularization and mass customization, as it can provenly put businesses way ahead of the competition in an increasingly more demanding market, where highly customized products are expected to be delivered fast, in high uniform quality at a competitive price-tag.

-I will show you HOW you can follow a scientifically acknowledged 7-phase methodology to obtain massive benefits while ensuring a structured way of working and thus increasing the chances of your success.

-I will provide inspiration for WHAT concrete and highly applicable tools and strategies to use throughout the different phases of the methodology.

-Finally, I will provide you with an overview of WHO can benefit the most depending on the contextual situation.

There are NO prerequisites for taking the free mini course, other than a genuine interest in topics such related to industrial or mechanical engineering, supply chain management, operational excellence, operations management, complexity management, manufacturing, business performance or similar.

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