Communication skills for Health Care Professionals


Communication skills for Health Care Professionals, Communication skills.

Course Description

Effective communication is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. This course, “Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals,” is designed to enhance the interpersonal communication skills of healthcare providers, enabling them to deliver patient-centered care. The curriculum covers essential communication principles, including counseling, and rapport building. Participants will learn strategies for building rapport with patients, navigating difficult conversations, and understandably delivering complex information. Through lectures, with good examples, participants will practice and refine their communication techniques. Emphasis will be placed on managing communication in high-stress situations, such as conveying bad news or handling patient complaints. The course also addresses cultural competence, highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting diverse patient backgrounds to improve health outcomes. By the end of this course, healthcare professionals will possess the skills necessary to foster trust, enhance patient satisfaction, and improve overall healthcare delivery through effective communication. This course is suitable for all healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative staff. Dr. Pragadeesh Raja, Instructor for this course, has teaching experience of 5 years in medical education and simulation-based education and he completed the certificate course in communication skills for health care professionals and regularly teaches communication skills for health care professionals including, doctors, nurses, students in various programs in health care

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