Communication Skills – 7 Communication Courses In 1


Communication Skills – 7 Communication Courses In 1, Master Communication Skills: Learn Persuasion, Negotiation, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence & More!


Here’s a list of the 7 independent courses being offered:

  1. The Psychology Of Persuasion & Influence (With Phil Hesketh)
  2. Negotiation Skills: Become A Master Of Negotiation (With Gavin Presman)
  3. Body Language & Lie Detection (With Darren Stanton)
  4. Emotional Intelligence (With Jane Sparrow)
  5. Public Speaking (With Alan Stevens)
  6. Difficult Conversations (With Alan Stevens)
  7. Virtual Communication (With Gavin Presman)


  • How to successfully persuade & influence people
  • Communicate effectively in any situation
  • Improve your relationships
  • Professional negotiation skills that make you a smart, confident & effective negotiator
  • How to keep your thoughts & emotions in check
  • Understand types of personalities
  • Boost your confidence
  • Read body language & detect lies
  • Make a good first impression
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs
  • Become emotionally intelligent
  • Better understand your emotions and the emotions of others
  • Manage emotions in yourself and others
  • Take back control of your life and become the best version of yourself
  • Deal with difficult people, situations & circumstances effectively
  • Deliver a great speech
  • Feel 100% confident & deliver great presentations
  • Ensure your presentations have the right impact on your audiences
  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Handle challenges whilst remaining calm
  • Connect, communicate & sell successfully using online virtual platforms
  • Create deep connections
  • Bring your online meetings to life
  • …& so much more!


1) Phil Hesketh:

Philip Hesketh is a motivational speaker specialising in persuasion and influence. His keynote talks have inspired thousands of professionals to engage in better relationships with their clients and customers and increase sales.

Philip’s whole career history is steeped in Business Development. From Procter & Gamble and Tyne Tees Television, to his own advertising agency; his track record of getting new clients is, to use a client’s expression, ‘World Class’.

He has learned what clients want and what they don’t. He has learned what works and what doesn’t. In building a business from zero to £48m he made many, many mistakes. And he claims to have learned more from the mistakes than from the many successful pitches to blue chip companies. His in-house programmes usually form a trilogy over three half days with the focus very much on how to develop relationships and become more persuasive and influential through understanding the whole psychology of why we do what we do.

2) Gavin Presman

Gavin Presman is one of the world’s most effective sales and communication trainers, having inspired thousands to commercial success across the globe. He is a best-selling author on Sales and Negotiation and is regularly called upon by many of the world’s leading companies such as Microsoft and Twitter to train their sales leaders and teams.

In the UK Gavin is the recipient of 2 highly prized National Training Awards for his work with The Guardian (2005) and Global Media (2010). In 2016 he won Microsoft’s coveted “Highest Rated Global Trainer” award. He is the Lead Global Commercial facilitator for The How To Academy, and a fellow of the Global Faculty for Microsoft and Partners In Leadership (PiL).

Gavin’s professional mission is to inspire and empower sales leaders and teams to make a difference, in their businesses, their communities and their lives. His partnership with The Expert Academy has produced 3 top-rated Udemy Sales Programmes, and participants value the energy, enthusiasm and experience he brings to the role of virtual training.

Gavin is a Master Trainer and Practitioner of NLP, a graduate of the acclaimed One Thought Academy (Three Principles) as well as a Master Trainer and Partner for Lumina Learnings innovative development tools, which he launched in the UK in 2010. As one of the first cohort of Global VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) instructors for Microsoft in 2016, he has developed a deep understanding of virtual and online learning, which he brings to his role as developer and instructor on The Expert Academy Business programmes. Gavin is also a Founder of Cultivate – the Virtual Pitch, Presentation and Communication Academy.

3) Darren Stanton:

Darren left behind a career as a front line British Police Officer to become a renowned expert on Body Language, Deception Detection, Influence and Persuasion. The media simply call him “The Human Lie Detector”.

Darren has made his mark in the public eye assessing some of the world’s biggest names in showbiz and politics. These include political heavyweights such as Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Donald Trump & Tony Blair, whilst his eclectic list of celebrities stretches from the likes of Johnny Depp & Taylor Swift to Katy Perry & Tom Hiddlestone to name just a few.

He is also an accomplished journalist having written articles for the worlds press assessing public figures on their body language.

Darren regularly appears on television, for example BBC’s The One Show & ITV’s This Morning in the UK . He frequently appears on news channels as diverse as Sky News and Russia Today.

He is widely recognised as a world authority on the subject of body language.

4) Jane Sparrow:

Jane has spent her career working with organisations across the globe to create sustainable high-performance cultures.

She began her career at IBM before holding a variety of senior positions in organisations such as Sony Europe, The Energy Project and MCA (now part of the WPP Group). Founder of the business consultancy The Culture Builders, specialising in transformational change, engagement and sustainable high performance cultures, Jane is passionate about enabling others to perform at their best to achieve organisational and personal goals. Her approach is grounded in the belief that by moving people beyond being simply ‘savers’ in an organisation and working with them to become ‘investors’ – people who will put far more in, organisations can unlock their performance potential.

Jane’s work enables people to sustain high performance by creating nurturing organisational cultures and engaging people. She delivers high-impact keynotes and workshops, works with leadership teams to shape strategy, coaches board members, and runs high-performance programmes.

Jane is an expert facilitator, consultant, performance coach and impactful speaker that regularly provides her opinions and insight to the global media. Jane’s work has also been incorporated into multiple university and business school curriculums, including MBA programmes. She is also one of a number of selected business and policy leaders, academics and influential thinkers who work with business leaders to respond strategically to sustainability challenges, through Cambridge University’s Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability programme.

With an interactive, dynamic and inclusive style, always supported by real life examples and practical advice, Jane’s keynotes leave audiences feeling both inspired and empowered to act in their own organisations.

5) Alan Stevens:

Alan is a reputation expert who was Past President of the Global Speakers Federation and is the director of MediaCoach. He is also an author and journalist, and both a TV presenter and expert interviewee. He has been speaking remotely since 1998, and created a Facebook group for fellow professionals who wish to speak remotely. It’s called, unsurprisingly, Remote Speaking. His clients include politicians, TV presenters and sports stars as well as companies including Virgin, Google, The Beverly Hills Hotel, BMW and Mumm Champagne. The Independent newspaper listed him as “one of the top 10 media experts in the UK”.

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