Common English Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them–Sampler


Common English Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them–Sampler, Master Your Grammar Errors, Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, and Achieve Success and Credibility as a Writer.

Course Description

Your writing can communicate ideas effectively, get the reader’s attention, and help you achieve your goals.

-Created based on student request from many writers like you: A course that clarifies common grammar mistakes, including commonly confused words and phrases and clarifies common mistakes writers make.

This course is the condensed version of the two full courses, “Common English Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them” and “Commonly Confused English Words and Phrases.”

This mini course includes lectures from both courses, but stands as a course in itself with some of the most common errors I’ve found in native English speakers’ and ESL writers’ work.

***Note: This is a beginner level course, so serves as a refresher for intermediate and advanced writers, and can especially benefit beginning writers and those with more serious grammar issues, as well as ESL Writers. This course may not benefit you as much if you’re an advanced writer or strong in grammar.

If you find lots of mistakes in your writing, discovery errors after you submit or post something, and find these sometimes undermine how others perceive you and your message, this course can help you prevent common errors in your writing.

That’s why I created Grammar Sampler–to solve this problem and help your writing achieve credibility. I also wrote this course to give you the best of both courses–Common English Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them & Commonly Confused English Words and Phrases in one course for FREE!

**Written by instructor with almost 90,000 students, seven courses on Udemy, and thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews

Master Your Grammar Errors, Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, and Achieve Success and Credibility as a Writer

-What makes this course unique?

1. This course shows the root causes of each mistake. If you want to solve a problem and to avoid it in the future, you need to know how the mistake was made to start with. Examples in the course don’t just tell you why the mistake was made, they show you with examples.

2. This course is unique because it shows you tips and tricks to help you avoid the mistake in the future based on the root cause of the mistake.

3. Unlike many similar classes, this course includes exercises to help you practice, apply, correct, and retain what you’ve learned, using the power of repetition and consistency, which learning science shows will help you retain the material.

4. Retention of the material is key. This solves the problem the causes certain words and phrases to become confused. You can also come back to the material later for future reference.

What Students Had to Say About Other Courses I Created Because They Get Results:

Here is what students in the course had to say. The proof is in the results students get and share in reviews:

“Awesome! Outstanding! I truly appreciated this course. Thank you for providing a free course. Because I took this free course and loved it so much, I am willing to pay for your other courses. I am sure they will be worth the money seeing that this one was so great. Please do a course on all the verb tenses. Verb tenses are something I struggled with for a long time. No one seems to have a course that fills in the gaps for me.” Chantay Shelley–Udemy Student

“Excellent nuts and bolts for anyone interested in crafting a message that connects their audience with the intended meaning. Each section has not only video but slide examples! Thank you for building this course.” Bob Marx–Udemy Student

“This teacher has a very clear way of communicating the lessons she wants us to learn and all in all, this will be a very helpful course for my writing – no doubt! So I will, most definitely, recommend this course for any and all that would like to improve upon their writing skills. +1” Geir Rødde–Udemy Student

“Rachel: Many thanks for creating wonderful courses! I am amateur learner. I took your two courses. I found your courses useful in two ways. First, your courses provided insights “why” I had been writing in a particular way. Second, I got some teaching tips. I am teacher by profession. Impressed with your teaching passion. Keep creating good courses.”  Dr. Ajit Kumar–Udemy Student

“This is an great course, especially for a novice writer like myself. I learned so much about structure, word usage, organization, etc. The course is taught by an excellent teacher. I can’t thank you enough!”  Sandra Eastman–Udemy Student

“I will be a better writer as a result of this course. Thank you . . . ”  David Gulp–Udemy Student

What This Course Does:

Grammar mistakes can undermine your writing. Errors can cause you to lose clients, publishers, customers, and good grades. Correcting these mistakes will increase your credibility as a writer, make an impression on your audience, and increase the chances that your writing helps you achieve your goals. This mini course is free and a good start toward correcting grammar mistakes and commonly confused words and phrases in the English Language.

What can this mean for you?

  • better sales
  • sterling quality
  • engaged readers
  • increased visibility
  • higher credibility
  • stronger grades
  • published articles and books
  • completed writing goals


If you apply this fundamental and professionally engineered class, your writing will get the attention you desire.

How the Course is Set Up

Grammar Errors Section (Five lessons):

Each lecture applies the following outcomes:

  • Know the difference between two or three commonly confused phrases
  • Apply the definition and use of each word
  • Differentiate why the phrases are confused using examples
  • Correct the the mistakes made with these words based on examples
  • Avoid the mistake successfully in the future with tips and tricks
  • Practice, apply, correct, and retain what you’ve learned with exercises.

Sections in Lecture:

  1. Definitions
  2. Why words are confused (examples)
  3. Correction and application (Examples)
  4. Tricks to remember correct forms
  5. Practice what you’ve learned

Commonly Confused Words and Phrases Section (five lessons):

Each lecture applies the following outcomes:

  • Avoid common grammar mistakes
  • Write and speak with more confidence and mastery
  • Make a strong impression and convey credibility in your writing and communication
  • Know why you made the grammar mistakes you made so you don’t make them again
  • Practice correcting grammar mistakes in action so the lessons stick

Sections in Lecture:

  1. Definition, application and rule
  2. Correct application of rule (examples)
  3. Why mistakes are made (examples)
  4. Tricks to remember correct application
  5. Application of correction (Examples)
  6. Practice what you’ve learned

As a teacher, I improve on the quality of my courses for your benefit with each new course I make.

Who This Course is Specifically Designed For:

  • Learners who want a quick and basic refresher on common grammar errors
  • ESL students, professionals, and learners
  • Fiction and nonfiction writers who need to improve on the mechanics of their writing
  • Native English speakers and writers who need a grammar refresher and want to improve their grammar

Who This Course Will NOT Benefit:

If you have advanced knowledge in the English language, English mechanics, and English grammar, then this course would be more of a refresher. It might be useful in this way, but you might not learn something new. However, if you struggle in these areas, this course is for you!.

Who Can Benefit From This Course:

  • bloggers/podcasters
  • business writers
  • freelance writers
  • journalists
  • entrepreneurs
  • creative writers
  • academic writers
  • university students
  • new writers
  • lifetime learners
  • website designers
  • copywriters

The course is broken down by types of words and phrases that are commonly confused for ease of access and navigation through the material.

Master Your Grammar Errors, Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, and Achieve Success and Credibility as a Writer

**Don’t put off changing your writing today. Sign up for this course today, and you can start achieving writing mastery almost immediately!*

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