Cinematic B-Roll Video: A Beginners Guide


Cinematic B-Roll Video: A Beginners Guide, A step-by-step guide to shooting and editing cinematic videos in 30 minutes.

This course is structured, with the aim of training amateur beginner videographers on the creation of cinematic b-roll videos.

At first glance, most B roll edits, look intimidating and very hard to produce in the eyes of young videographers but as a matter of fact, the creation successful b roll video that looks and sounds amazing all comes down to following some basic steps that we’re going to analyze in this series of lessons.

So this course is made to teach you those exact steps. We’re going to start by analyzing all the gear that you will need, then I’m going to explain to you how to structure a DIY Studio, moving gone we’re going to talk about some camera settings that you might want to consider as well as some smooth camera movements that you can apply to your filming Style. Finally, I’m going to show you my shooting process as well as how I edit my b roll videos.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

1: Set up a DIY Studio

2: Know the best camera settings for those types of shoots

3: Confidently shoot and edit a cinematic B roll video with the principles that I am going to show you

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