Cinema and the Psyche: Creating Short Films in Art Therapy


Cinema and the Psyche: Creating Short Films in Art Therapy, A workshop for Art Therapy students seeking to make a film/films.

Course Description

What is this course about?

The course is a fully designed workshop that can be used to deliver a workshop to Art Therapy students.

Why would Art Therapy students be interested?

Some Art Therapy students may want to create short films to extend their services, to illustrate key points, to convey emotions and analysis

What is involved in the course?

Guidance of students through the basics of filmmaking using smartphones, from conceptualization to editing with a focus on creating meaningful therapeutic short films.

Through five activities plan the whole workshop for you to deliver.

Discuss three short films.

Work through the following Art Therapy Exercises:

a. One minute metaphor

b. Echoes of emotion

c. Nature’s Narrative: A video journal

d. Cinematic Self-Reflection : Nature’s Mirror

Enable you to create impactful visuals

Show how art therapy students can integrate nature into practice

Show structured ways to incorporate photography into art therapy sessions, focusing on nature as a primary element

Discuss examples of reflective moments

In addition to the course there is a WORKBOOK for you to fill in/add to as the course progresses.

Plus -in keeping with all courses by this Instructor – there is a heavy emphasis on discussion.  The Q/A – it is hoped – will be active.

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