Chinespeak 60


Chinespeak 60, Learn to greet, introduce, shop, dine, travel, and express likes in Chinese.

Course Description

Are you tired of struggling to communicate in Chinese or feeling intimidated by the language? Look no further, Chinespeak 60 is the course for you! This six-video series is designed specifically for Chinese beginners, covering essential topics like greetings, introductions, restaurant lingo, shopping, traveling, and discussing personal interests.

In each video, learners will be able to learn ten commonly used sentences necessary for daily communication. These sentences will be read four times, both slowly and at normal speed, to help learners practice their pronunciation and intonation. Along with learning these phrases, learners can also read pinyin and characters to enhance their overall understanding of the language.

What you will learn:

  • How to introduce yourself and others in Chinese
  • How to order food in a restaurant in Chinese
  • How to ask for directions and transportation in Chinese
  • How to talk about your hobbies and interests in Chinese
  • How to bargain and shop in Chinese
  • How to greet and communicate with Chinese people in Mandarin

After completing this course, here are some of the outcomes you will experience:

  • You will have a comprehensive understanding of the most common sentences used in Chinese
  • You will be confident in speaking Chinese to the locals and communicating effectively
  • You will have developed good intonation and can speak like the locals
  • You will be proficient in the basics of the Chinese language, laying the foundation for further study

So, whether you are preparing for a trip to China, learning Chinese to qualify for a new job or just want to start speaking the language, Chinespeak 60 is the perfect course for you. Join us, and let’s start speaking Chinese like a natural!

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