Careers in International Organisations


Careers in International Organisations, Insights from international cooperation professionals on how to get a Job in International Organisations.

Course Description

What is it about?

We often hear about institutions like World Bank, United Nations and World Trade Organizations, influencing and shaping important international discourse.

But have you ever thought that it could be you? Or was your childhood dream become an ‘international diplomat’ working at international organization?

Put all these curiosity and dream aside, you probably gave up or felt overwhelmed simply because you don’t know how to get the right information…or .. ‘what is international organization’ after all!
If this ticks any of your box, then this course is for you.

The course is designed by insiders who are currently working at international organization to provide better understanding in the functions of international organization. By providing exclusive insider information, it will equip professionals like you to effectively navigate vast career opportunities in international organisations (IOs).

Have access to exclusive insiders’ perspective will allow you to tailor your professional profile or map out right strategy to target the jobs of your dream at international organizations.

Regardless of your current job or professional background: software developer, accountant, administrative assistance, Human Resources specialist, lawyer or economist…

With better help from insiders, you can have a fast track to find a perfect job in international organisations.

Don’t keep dreaming, invest yourself and grab your chances at international organizations.

Learn from google or from this course

You can see this course as an unique opportunity to spend an hour with an international organisation employee that had to go through the same career shift as you.

There is nothing better than an insider to tell you what you need to know, where you need to apply, and how in order to have a career as an international civil servant.

What you will learn

Together we will learn:

– Key concept relative to international organisations

– To identify the organisation that best fits your professional profile and values

– To navigate the different types of jobs strategically

– The concepts you need know in order to better prepare for interviews

– Use free internet tools to collect information to prepare your strategy

The course will also provide a downloadable guide with links to free resources for your applications.

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