Building Docker & Kubernetes Network & Security Lab for Free


Building Docker & Kubernetes Network & Security Lab for Free, Use for SDN, Network, Container Simulation/Automation, Hacking/PenTesting or preparation for CKAD, CKA and CKSS exams!

Course Description






This course is designed to assist you build your own Docker and Kubernetes Network & Security home lab

You will be guided to complete easy steps like downloading and installing necessary Software such as Arista vEOS, Cisco Nexus 900v, F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition, Ubuntu and Kali Linux images.

This Network and Security Lab is designed for Containerization, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Security, Penetration Testing and Cloud & Data Center Networking

I will demonstrate the tuning and configuration of most of the components. Also will be doing some basic testing just to make sure we are doing everything right.

Arista Networks is a consistent leader in Data Center networking Solutions and open programmable switches. It is well known for its simple, easy to use programming and automation switch features. Its salable and design for cloud computing environments.

Cisco Nexus 9000 operating system is a consistent leader in Data Center networking Solutions and open programmable switches, derived from the Nexus 7000 code base with added VxLAN support and a major requirement for large-scale virtualization with ability to automate and extend the behavior of the switch, with multiple configuration APIs, direct access to the underlying BASH shell in the operating system, integration with orchestration tools such as OpenStack and Puppet/Chef, and the ability to add 64-bit Linux containers into the switch. All of these are valuable additions in large-scale environments where configuring networks using the CLI is impractical or too error-prone.

Target Audience

Network Engineers and Aspiring Network Engineers

DevOps Engineers and Aspiring DevOps Engineers

Docker/Kubernetes/Container Specialist

System Administrators

Security Engineers / Penetration Testers


Lab is built using EVE-NG. We will not talk about how to install it.

We will not talk about network and linux basics

We will not talk about DevOps concepts and culture

We will not talk about Security / CyberSecurity

Nothing but to assist you build Docker and Kubernetes Lab

This is a FREE Udemy course and we have limited time of 2 hours



Docker and Kubernetes Lab

Part 1: Deploying Linux Hosts

Part 2: Deploying Network Devices

Part 3: Network Configuration

Part 4: Installing Docker

Part 5: Installing Kubernetes

Part 6: Configuring F5 BIG-IP (Soon)


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