Build Real-Time Web Apps Using WordPress and Socket.IO


Build Real-Time Web Apps Using WordPress and Socket.IO, Learn how to integrate wordpress with realtime technology to create wordpress based real-time application.

Course Description

In non real time application, client needs to refresh the page or poll the database to get the latest content from database.

For example client  request to server to check the stock price. Once server has sent response of latest stock price. Client will always see that price and it will never get real time stock price. To get the latest stock price  client has to either

1. Poll the server in regular interval to check if stock price is changed or not, or

2.User needs to continuously keep pressing refresh button to get latest data from server.

Option 1 is unnecessary putting load on server, as many clients connected and even if data is not changed they re polling server in regular interval.

Option2 . you know how annoying it can be.

Real time web applications are applications, where data form server is pushed  to client in event of database content update, without client requesting for it

In this course you will learn

1.  Basics of technology needed to make WordPress real time

2. Overview of network architecture for real-time communication between wordpress and socket

3. How to integrate wordpress with realtime socket technology so that any changes in database is pushed from server to client in soft real time.

4. We will create WordPress based game score Dashboard sample application where all players  scores are visible and anytime score of  any player changes, latest game score will get pushed from server to all the connected client browser and will reflect the latest score of  player in real time.

Target Audience for this course

This course if for anyone who wants to learn to create wordpress applications with realtime technology.

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