Build an AI Robot


Build an AI Robot, Learn by building with electronics and programming artificial intelligence.

Course Description

Artificial Intelligence technology has opened up endless possibilities in robotics, making it an exciting and engaging field for students and enthusiasts of all ages.

Building robots with AI is like bringing your favorite science fiction stories to life. Imagine creating a robot that can recognize faces, respond to voice commands, respond with a unique AI-generated voice, or navigate its surroundings.

Robots are a great platform for programming and learning AI.

Building a robot is a great way to learn Computer Aided Design and Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence has many applications that we use today. Some of the most familiar uses were introduced to us by Science Fiction movies, like Computer Vision, where robots can recognize objects. We saw robots with human-like speech. Also, we saw Robots understand what they were asked or told. These technologies: Object detection, Intents, and Speech make sense on a Robot. Whether for play or to learn AI.

This course is focused on teaching how to design and build a robot with the computational ability to Run AI.

What you’ll learn

  • how to use Fusion 360 for subtractive and additive manufacturing of a robot body
  • various Electronic devices that will be useful for a robot, like cameras, range detectors, servos, and motors
  • How to program various electronic devices with Python
  • AI programming with Python libraries that Work on our Robot

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