Build a Single Page Website with HTML & CSS


Build a Single Page Website with HTML & CSS, In this course you’ll learn how to create an AWESOME mobile-friendly, responsive website with HTML and CSS.

Course Description

When starting out as a web developer, one of the most valuable and rewarding milestones is to create a fully complete website that looks and feels good. Watching and reading tutorials are great for learning new things, but completing a project is key to taking your learning to another level.

In this course you’ll be learning how to create a single page website (or micro-site) from scratch using the following technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Icon Library
  • Fonts
  • Block Element Modifier (BEM) CSS naming convention

This course is perfect for people who have a beginner to intermediate level of experience in web development or web design. The website which we’ll be creating is going to feature various different web design elements, including:

  • a hero image
  • call-to-action components
  • social media links
  • icon grid
  • body content
  • footer

On top of that, this website will be mobile-friendly, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including both iPhone and Android phones.

Not only will you learn how to create the above components but you’ll also learn how to harness the power of HTML and CSS from a technical perspective in which you can then apply that knowledge into other aspects of web development.

Upon completing this course you’ll know how to build a website like this for a small business, or even your own personal portfolio.

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