Body Language for Business


Body Language for Business, Increase your business conversions using the power of body language.

Course Description

Have you wondered how to make your communication better? Are you fascinated to understand how human behaviour works? Do you naturally analyse your role models so you can learn something from them?

If you are any of these then nonverbal communication is a subject which would fascinate you! We the team at Simply Body Talk wish to bring to you a curtain raiser on this very interesting and practical subject. In this course we will be conducting lots of practical demonstrations and activities to make participants get a feel of body language and its impact on ourselves as well as others around us.

Who this is for: All Working professionals

Topics we will address

  • What is nonverbal communication?
  • Can body language make my sales presentations negotiations relationships better?
  • How can I read people using body language?

Free Giveaways

  • Detailed course Agenda
  • Ebook on Real life case studies making effective use of body language
  • Ebook containing simple implementable body language Tips for business leaders
  • Ebook to improve Workplace communication using body language
  • Cheatsheet to remember key highlights of the course

About the Company:

Simply Body Talk specialises in nonverbal communication since 2013 having presence in India and Europe. We work on training and consultancy assignments with senior managers in international corporates like Deloitte, Capgemini, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Essar, Adani to name a few. We also undertake personal coaching assignments for senior leaders of designations like Senior VP, CEO, Head HR, Sales Head, Country Head of corporates like Google, Discovery, P&G, Hilti, Adani, Essar etc. We have also worked with the Indian Army to detect potential threats using the power of body language.

About the Trainer:

Bhavna Suleria is a Behavioural Trainer and Coach at Simply Body Talk. She has worked with senior leaders from organisations like SBI Life Insurance, HILTI, GST Dept etc to improve the impact of their leadership using body language. Bhavna leads all corporate training workshops for Simply Body Talk on topics like workplace communication, presentations, meetings etc. She has years of experience in teaching Organisational Psychology and Workplace Behaviour. She also has several research papers published in national and international journals in the field of human behaviour.

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