Big Dave’s: Learning Factoring


Big Dave’s: Learning Factoring, Step by Step.

Many students struggle in College Algebra throughout the country.  Often times it is a lack of basic skills.  Factoring is one of the most important techniques that you have to understand to help succeed in College Algebra.  I used to make the claim that if you could not factor then you would not get through College Algebra.  This is a little bit too strong but it is an essential skill.  I counted one time and it was used in fourteen other sections in the course.  This course is meant to give you that foundational skill that will help you succeed in College Algebra!

The factoring techniques that will be covered are the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Technique, Grouping Technique, PSD Technique, Key Number Technique, Difference of Two Squares Technique, Difference of Two Cubes Technique, and Sum of Two Cubes Technique.

I firmly believe that anybody can get through College Algebra.  I had a student one time that had surgeries to remove brain tumors when he was young. In the process, it destroyed his short-term memory.  He asked if I would work with him outside of classes.  I met with him at 7:00 AM every morning and he got tutoring help for three hours a day.  He finished not only College Algebra but Elementary Statistics also.  If he could be successful in College Algebra then anybody can succeed!

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