Beginners Introduction to SQL and Database Part II


Beginners Introduction to SQL and Database Part II, Building your SQL foundation in a short amount of time!.

Course Description

This is a continuation of our first course, Beginner’s Introduction to SQL and Databases, where we set out to create a foundation for data manipulation and data analysis using SQL. If you are new to data analysis and are looking to work with large volumes of data in an efficient and sophisticated way, this is the course for you!

In this course, we continue complete our SQL education using examples and exercises in:

  • Data and String Manipulation
    • String Functions covered such as substring, lpad and rpad, and more that will help you deal with text data
  • Data Aggregation
    • We take our aggregations to the next level by introduction GROUP BY
  • Data Profiling
    • We cover the importance of data profiling for the purpose of understanding, interpreting and communicating information about your data effectively
  • Sub Queries
    • We introduce sub queries and provide a number of scenarios on where to use sub queries
  • Case Statements
    • A necessary part of your SQL toolkit, CASE statements enable us to customize our analysis using SQL
  • Joins
    • Joins are a very foundational part of data analysis. We cover the different types of joins, provide examples and work through challenging exercises that will help you become comfortable with joins

Are you excited about your future in Analytics, Business Intelligence or Data Analysis! You should be, because after this course you’ll have a foundation for success!

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