Basics of New Age Technology: At Work and at Home


Basics of New Age Technology: At Work and at Home, Understanding how AI, Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing is working together to build Metaverses.

Course Description

As organizations adopt new ways of working in the Covid era, there is a growing dependency on technology to smoothly transition into a Post-Covid era of work. Tech-based solutions towards making individuals safe and organizations secure have emerged, and continue to adapt to evolving situations across the globe. Then there are solutions that promise to optimize the use of real estate and building services. However, organizations need to tread with caution and not resort to ‘off-the-shelf’ buying when it comes to such new-age solutions. Solutions need to support organizational goals and be integrated with the organizations’ vision and respective post-Covid strategy thereof.

Most of the solutions out there are based on Artificial Intelligence or Big Data analysis or Cloud Computing or Internet of Things or a combination of some of these. What do these terms really mean? Learn the basics of these in a simple format, with examples. If you are looking to adopt new-age technology to bring about efficiencies or improve safety/security, knowing the basics will enable you to relate to the solutions better and make an informed decision. If you are generally interested in understanding the base-level tech on which businesses run today, you will secure a better appreciation of how technology can boost business in the new era.

This course guides you through the basics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things in the first four lectures….and much more towards the end, about how humans will soon work and live off the metaverse.

Soon, most organizations may expect employees to work from metaverses. What is the metaverse all about? How will different technologies be at play? How will it make life easier for employees and businesses alike? The last lesson looks at how technology is evolving to build a new way of working and living for humans.

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