Basics of Law of Torts: Part 1


Basics of Law of Torts: Part 1, Learn everything you need to know about Law of Torts.

Course Description

Introducing “Basis of Torts,” an all-encompassing course designed to illuminate the core principles of tort law. This course is meticulously tailored for law students and legal practitioners in India, offering a comprehensive exploration of the fascinating realm of civil wrongs and liabilities.

In Module 1, we commence with an in-depth understanding of the foundational principles. “Introduction to the Law of Torts” provides insights into the essence of tort law, followed by “Nature of Tortious Liabilities,” which unravels the complexities of liabilities in tort cases. We then delve into the concept of “Damnum Sine Injuria,” examining instances of loss without legal injury, and “Injuria Sine Damnum,” where legal injury occurs without actual loss.

Module 2 delves into defenses and trespass. “General Defenses in Public Interest” uncovers the diverse defenses used in cases of public interest, while “Committing Trespass” provides a nuanced examination of trespass and its legal implications. “Statutory Authority” offers insights into the impact of statutory authority in tort law.

Module 3 is dedicated to exploring the relationship between liability and fault. “Role of Fault in Case Liability” elucidates the role of fault in determining liability, while “Alternative Risk Distribution Schemes” analyzes various schemes and their application. We then consider the “Declining Importance of Fault in Jurisdiction” and study departures from fault-based liability, including vicarious and strict liability.

In Module 4, we concentrate on employment and liability. “The Distinction Between a Servant and Independent Contractor” differentiates between these two roles within the context of tort law. “Meaning of ‘In the Course of Employment'” defines acts that occur “in the course of employment.” We also examine the “Rule of Strict Liability” and trace the historical evolution of “Absolute Liability.”

Join us on this enlightening journey into the intricate world of tort law. By enrolling in the “Basis of Torts” course, you will build a strong foundation in this pivotal aspect of Indian law and broaden your legal expertise. Enroll today and deepen your understanding of Indian tort law.

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