Basics of Algebra


Basics of Algebra, Algebraic expressions.

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Welcome Student

Title of course is ALGEBRA. Although algebra is a very vast and enormous topic of math, but in this course, we would start from very basics of algebra.

Complex topics and complex questions which do take a lot of energy and time of a student are not included.

In this course, just start from very basics. First step to understand algebra is to have knowledge about an ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS.

In this course study about { ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS } and following topics related to an algebraic expressions have been discussed:

– Introduction to an algebraic expressions and How to make an algebraic expressions

– Learn about Term of an algebraic expressions

– What are factors of a term and study how to make factors of a term

–  Practice questions based on concepts are also discussed in this course

Just dedicate little bit of your time to gain some knowledge and i have given my best to teach these topics.

After completion of this course , i am confident that student will have good grip on above mentioned topics and concepts.

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