Basic Concept of Maintenance and Repairs


Basic Concept of Maintenance and Repairs, Introduction of all terminologies.

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Maintenance: Building maintenance is work undertaken to keep, restore or improve every facility, i.e., every part of a building, its services and surrounds to a currently acceptable standard and to sustain the utility and value of the facility

“The combination of (all technical and assorted administrative actions) any action carried out to retain an item in order or restore it to a state in which it can perform its required function.” Also includes classification of maintenance, Terminology of Maintenance, Objective, need importance and advantages disadvantage of maintenance Classification of Maintenance:Routine maintenance, Preventive maintenance, and Remedial maintenance/measure or repair.

Objective: To preserve machinery, building and services, in good operating condition. To restore it back to its original standards, and To improve the facilities depending upon the development that is taking place in the building engineering.

Importance: Improves the life of structure Improved life period gives better return on investment Better appearance and aesthetically appealing Better serviceability of elements and components Leads to quicker detection of defects and hence remedial measures Prevents major deterioration and leading to collapse Ensures safety to occupants Ensures feeling of confidence on the user Maintenance is a continuous cycle involves every element of building science namely


When regular maintenance activates are performed then in future maintenance cost decreases.

Decreases the number of maintenance operations

Less risk factor

Saving the money and less energy wasting

Longer building life with maximum performance

Gives safe work environment

Prevent the process of decay and degradation from the climate or general usage

Maintained structural stability and safety.


More Installation cost of equipments

Decreases the life span of asset

Skilled worker are required

It deceases the performance of structure and trends to more decay of structure

The maintenance operation is less safety for workers and more possibility of accidents and damages

Possibility to increases the self weight of structure

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