AWS KMS Hero | Theory & Practice & Exam Preparation


AWS KMS Hero | Theory & Practice & Exam Preparation, This course is covering all aspects of AWS KMS service and allows you to prepare yourself for certification on any level.

Course Description


This free course is covering all properties of the “AWS KMS” service.

Here we will in detail review all options of KMS service on AWS cloud, check how to use and manage it in practice with other AWS services, and in the end, we will dive into Exam questions which you can spot on AWS certifications related to KMS service.

Workflow of the course :

  • Review encryption requirements and types of encryption
  • KMS service exploration
  • A detailed review of each type of property of KMS service
  • Implement KMS on AWS cloud in a practice
  • Discovery of how to restrict keys and types of KMS service policies
  • Check how the KMS service is working with EBS
  • Review S3 encryption types
  • Check what exam questions you can spot on certifications related to KMS

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Practice examples :

  • Encryption keys management (create/edit/delete)
  • Working with KMS policies
  • Experiment with KMS Grants
  • Encryption of existing EBS volume

This course will allow you to understand the encryption on the AWS cloud and explain why encryption is so important for security. As result, these lectures will prepare you for the AWS certificate exam of any level, from Partitioner to Professional or Speciality levels, and successfully pass the exam.

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If you will find that something is missing about KMS on this course, just notify us, and we will add it quickly!

Good luck!

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