Assessment in Higher Education


Assessment in Higher Education, Assessment in the context of Higher Education.

Course Description

This module provides you with information on key concepts and guidelines for the assessment of student learning, as well as different forms, methods, instruments, and tools of/for student assessment in higher education. In the prescribed and recommended reading material you will find information on conventional and alternative assessment, as well as an indication of the importance of assessment and new approaches in a changing higher education environment. The purposes, principles, and process of effective student assessment as well as the interrelatedness of assessment and effective learning facilitation in higher education should also become clear.

It will focus on the following units:

Unit 1: What are assessments in the HE context

Unit 2: Different types of assessments

Unit 3: Importance of assessments

Unit 4: What, How, and Why do we assess

Unit 5: Principles of good assessment

Unit 6: Benefits of good assessment

When dealing with assessment in this module, we will continually reflect on the following questions:

How effective is assessment design and practice in terms of?

– clarity and student teachers’ understanding of assessment criteria and assignments.

– promoting learning (including the quality of feedback to student teachers).

– measuring attainment of the intended learning outcomes.

– appropriateness to the student profile, level, and mode of study.

– consistency and rigour in marking.

– evidence of internal moderation and scrutiny by external examiners?

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