Android By Example – Learn Basics of Android App Development


Android By Example – Learn Basics of Android App Development, Learn Android App development from scratch with 8 simple lectures..

Course Description

Thank you, for choosing this course. Let’s Learn Android App development easily and quickly from Scratch. There are 7 simple lectures that will teach you all you need to know about basic app development in android Studio.  Don’t worry if you have never used Android Studio or Developed an Android App before. I will help you from start to finish.

We will start by downloading Android Studio and will Install it, then run it for the first time, and then create multiple simple apps. We will start with Developing Android App for the First Time for Beginners. So Don’t Worry if you have NEVER used ANDROID STUDIO, and are absolute beginners, as I will guide you from the absolute Zero. We will start with developing a  Hello World App in Android Studio 2021 that will be the basic foundation for more complex apps.

I will talk about how to Use the onClick event listener on a Button in Android Studio to generate any event or action. Similarly, I will talk about how to trigger an event or add an event to a text field and any other widgets in android.

I will also show you how to create a tutorials app using WebView Component. WebView widget enables the HTML page to be loaded directly inside the android Studio App. This is a great tool to great multiple types of app that require data to be displayed to the user.

Don’t forget to visit my YouTube Channel “Zeeshan Academy” for more free Video Tutorials on Android App Development, Android Studio, Web Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Maya, and many more.

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