Analysis of DC Electrical Circuits


Analysis of DC Electrical Circuits, Methods of Circuit Analysis.

Course Description

This course is about DC electrical circuit analysis and within its context we describe several methods and techniques which are helpful in solving and analysing electrical circuits. Also within the text we have the Thevenin’s and Norton’s equivalent circuits which are very important and useful in all aspects of electrical engineering. Understanding and being able to solve electrical circuits is an important issue in (engineering) education programs in universities as well as colleges, polytechnics and high schools.

For many beginners and non electrical students, and sometimes even for electrical students the subject of electricity is intriguing and totaly different than other physical concepts and is difficult to grasp if not approached in an appropriate manner at the beginning. It is important to understand the definitions, conventions and techniques of circuit analysis in the rigth way at the beginning so that you can build up your knowledge in further aspects of electricity and electronics easly.

In this course we have placed great emphasis in our approach on simplifying the definitions, conventions and techniques so that the reader does not get tired or bored in trying to understand these concepts and digest them easily. In context of the course carefuly chosen exercises support this approach. It is the rigth course for those who wants to make a good start to grasp the mystery of electrical circuits and electronics.

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