An Introductory Course to Object Oriented Programming


An Introductory Course to Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Programming.

Course Description

Now a days, software engineers and industry are forced to continuously look for new approaches to software design and development. Object Oriented Programming provides a solution to problems faced during design phase of software development.

Object Oriented Programming helps to address following issues of software development:

  • Represent real-life entities of problems in system design
  • Design systems with open interfaces
  • Ensure re-usability and extensibility of modules
  • Support software version management
  • Decrease software cost and improve software productivity
  • Improve software quality
  • Industrialize the software development process

Object Oriented Programming incorporates best features of structural programming features with several powerful new concepts; this eliminates some of the pitfalls of conventional programming methods.

Programming Paradigms defines how the structure and basic elements of a computer program will be built. Programming Paradigms is a set of capabilities and limitations of a programming language. The course starts with an overview of traditional programming paradigms such as Monolithic Programming , Procedural programming and Structural Programming in the first sections with advantages and disadvantages of all programming paradigms. In the next session the course proceeds with the introduction to Object Oriented Programming Paradigms and its advantages. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language which also supports Object Oriented Programming. The course ends with explanation of Classes and Object of Object Oriented Programming using Python programming language

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