An Introduction To Writing Promotional Content In English


An Introduction To Writing Promotional Content In English, Effective strategies for promotional content on social media, with a focus on advertising.

Course Description

Social media has increased the demand for organisations to produce content. It is now expected by customers that they are able to learn about company news, new products, and special offers through social media. This course introduces effective strategies for promotional content on social media, with a focus on advertising.

In order to write advertisements in English it is also important to understand some of the key strategies that are considered important in the world of promotion. This course therefore focuses on some of the important technical aspects of writing advertisements. It begins with looking at the psychology of buying and the emotional and logical thought processes customers might have when they make a purchase. The significance of the customer journey is also considered. Once we understand this, we can then consider how to prepare a customer avatar based on research.

In addition to this essential background information, the course covers some practical areas directly related to writing advertisements. Headlines are a key success component to an effective advertisement and a number of headline formulas are presented. All you need to do is practice using them a little bit and you are ready to go!

Finally, the course considers the importance of story in advertising. It is easier to write a story when the writer has a framework which they can follow, so this course looks at a simple and effective story framework that was created by a very successful marketing organization.

The course objectives are as follows:

  • Understand how customers buy and what we can do about it.
  • Combine the components of a sales letter to make a successful advertisement in English.
  • Write headlines that attract attention.
  • Learn how to use story in advertisements by following a step by step system.

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