Advanced WordPress Plugin Development – TailwindCSS, Webpack


Advanced WordPress Plugin Development – TailwindCSS, Webpack, An advanced course for building and submitting WordPress Plugin on WordPress org With Composer,PHPCS,Webpack.

This is an advanced course that teaches students :

  • How to build a WordPress Plugin from scratch
  • Understanding WordPress Core on how WordPress plugin works under the hood.
  • Setting up Composer and using composer in a WordPress plugin.
  • Using composer autoloader to automatically local class files in the plugin.
  • Setting up Webpack, Babel
  • Setting up linting tools such as Eslint, styelint, PHPCS
  • Running PHPCS to sniff the code and write it as per WordPress Coding Standards.
  • Setting up webpack for building Gutenberg Blocks and patterns
  • Building Gutenberg Block Patterns and creating pattern templates.
  • Preparing the plugin to submit it to WordPress org.
  • Submitting the plugin to WordPress org to make it publicly available to download.
  • Uploading the approved plugin to WordPress SVN repository.
  • Updating the previous uploaded WordPress plugin on SVN.
  • Updating plugin version

By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of how plugin works, you will not only be able to build a plugin but also open-source it to WordPress org so that the entire community can use it. This will be a great contribution to the WordPress community and you also get a Plugin badge on your WordPress profile. This course not only helps the experts to get the core knowledge but also the beginners who have never built a plugin.

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