Advanced-Recon Course


Advanced-Recon Course, Recon for wide scopes.

Course Description

Hello, amazing hackers. I am James Beers, I am currently obtaining my bachelors in cybersecurity and I have been doing bug bounties and hacking for over 3 years now. This course will teach you everything I know so far about recon. In this course, we will be covering the basics to the intermediates of recon.

We will be using our skills on a public lab that I have hosted on Heroku. It is juice shop and is really good for javascript enumeration and source code enumeration. Other public “labs” include the google VRP which can be found at their VRP program website. I will be teaching you how to enumerate IP addresses and versions on ports, how to enumerate subdomains from many sources and tools, and how to bring all of that data together so you can apply it. I will also teach you URL enumeration for parameters to add to a custom wordlist. Javascript reading for DOM interactions, API keys, and directories and requests that tools may miss.

The purpose of this course is to get your mind thinking like an attacker from the start of the recon process. I will also be going over my methodology that I developed over my 3 years of bug bounties. I have some friends who are really good at wide scope target recon and they will be sharing info to be added to this course. Please take my methodology and make it your own, you cant get somewhere new following the same roads everyone else has, but you might be able to touch the sky if you stand on the shoulders of giants.

Enjoy the course and please download all of the notes and walkthroughs that are available.

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