A developers guide to make the most of your LinkedIn profile


A developers guide to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, Learn how to effectively build up your LinkedIn profile with pictures, videos, slides and content to raise your brand.

Course Description

Most people who are part of the business world—and some who aren’t—have a LinkedIn profile. At some point, they likely heard that it was important to join and use LinkedIn for networking and, if necessary, finding a new job. As such, they spent a few minutes and signed up for a free account.

But once you’ve taken that relatively simple step, is it worthwhile to keep using LinkedIn?

  • Learn how to make your profile pop and stand out from the rest
  • Based on 10 years of extensive LinkedIn use (videos shot earlier, still apply)
  • My network is at over 7000 people, I went from 100 to 3000 in less than one year
  • I have achieved All Star status – a metric LinkedIn used to collect
  • You will learn tips on how to make over your profile
  • Lots of practical examples included of what you can put on your profile

Are you just starting out with your LinkedIn journey? No time to read the books, no worries in this short action packed course I take you through the major portions of what to do in each section of the profile.

Establish Yourself as a Knowledgeable Professional

Through sharing articles or insights, you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable and active professional in your field.

To help validate that perception, take advantage of endorsements and recommendations. These features help demonstrate that other reputable professionals in the field consider you a skilled expert.

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