20/26 MVA Transformer Outdoor Cubicle Schematics


20/26 MVA Transformer Outdoor Cubicle Schematics, Learn from Professionals, Electrical Power Engineering, Wiring Diagram of Electrical Panel.

Course Description

Dear All,

Welcome to the course about “20/26 MVA Transformer Outdoor Cubicle Schematics“. This training is start from very basic level to advance level. Focus has been given to deliver the practical and hands on knowledge.

Trainer have over 18 years of field experience and has worked at 11/132/220/500kV Substation, 1263MW power plant, 660kV HVDC system.  worked with several companies, SIEMENS, ABB, GE, SEC, KE, WAPDA, NTDC, ARAMCO, SABIC, MARAFIQ. Trainer has given hundreds of training online and offline, so it will be great to join this training and take advantage of field experience.

The following topics are covered in this training:

  • Introduction to transformer components
  • Explained transformer GA drawings
  • Tripping connections to outdoor cubicle
  • Side, Top views explained
  • Fan groups in the transformer
  • winding & oil temperature alarm wiring
  • Stage 1, Stage 2 Fan group operation, Stage 3 Alarm & Stage 4 Tripping
  • Normal & Emergency power supply, connection, control, auto and manual modes
  • Selection of supply by contactors
  • Fan group 1 & 2 priority, Selection of fan group is possible, it mean which fan group will run at stage 1 of oil / winding temperature and stage 2
  • Explained the indication circuit
  • Explained the power circuit of fans
  • Explained alarm and tripping circuit from oil & winding temperature indicator
  • Auto and manual control of fan control, both fan groups can be selected at manual mode or the auto mode.
  • Operation of fan groups at manual mode from local and remote
  • Commands from automatic voltage regulator panel



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