X method for ABGs


X method for ABGs, Respiratory Acidosis, Respiratory Alkalosis, Metabolic Acidosis, Metabolic Alkalosis, Mixed Acidosis.

What you will learn?

  • Interpret Arterial Blood Gas (ABGs) values and the various pH imbalances
  • Be able to identify Respiratory Acidosis
  • Be able to identify Respiratory Alkalosis
  • Be able to identify Metabolic Acidosis
  • Be able to identify Metabolic Alkalosis

Course Requirements

  • None

Course Description

This is a method for interpreting Arterial Blood Gas (ABGs) values for the medical professional.  Some people also refer to ABGs as pH balance. This is a super easy way of learning how to work with ABGs. We will cover some of the basics of pH balance and see how the carbonic acid formula relates to it.  The X method has been presented to many of my students and within a short period of time (usually less than one hour) they have become well-versed in how to read ABGs.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is an excellent way to learn how to interpret ABGs (and the pH balance) for anyone in the medical profession.


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