Writing a Winning Scholarship Application – DAAD Scholarship


Writing a Winning Scholarship Application – DAAD Scholarship, How to Prepare a Competitive Scholarship Application.

Course Description

In this class, we’re going to be crafting together how to prepare a competitive scholarship application from the beginning to the end (DAAD scholarship as an example). During my journey in preparing applications for scholarships, I did not find a course that focused on all the details of applying for a scholarship. Not only the motivation letter but also all other fundamental steps that certainly make a difference such as the recommendation letters, the CV, and the procedure of the application. This course will be elaborate and supported by an example, which will be applying for one of the most prestigious scholarships worldwide, which is the DAAD scholarship. By the end of this course, you will be able to prepare a competitive scholarship application and be willing to apply properly to the program that fits your desires and existing requirements.

Lesson 2: Find the Right Scholarship Program

In this lesson, the steps of the whole process of applying for scholarships will be illustrated. This includes writing a list of the target scholarship programs, investigating the programs, and reviewing eligibility requirements. After that, we will learn how to understand the DAAD scholarship database and the different programs there. In this lesson, the difficulty that many applicants face which is to distinguish these programs and choose the right one to apply will be overcome.

Lesson 3: Find the University Program

In this lesson, we will learn how to select the right scholarship program by refining the selection. Many programs will be reviewed. There are programs that are associated with particular Universitas where no need to find a university. On the other hand, other programs are open for all disciplines and here we will learn how to find the proper University for such programs. Also, the requirements of different programs will be reviewed.

Lesson 4: The Application Documents – CV

In this lesson, we will learn how to write a professional academic CV. Many important tips, that make a difference while the assessment process, will be explained. Also, many points for professional technical writing will be highlighted. Finally, we will see the required CV for the DAAD scholarships.

Lesson 5: The Application Documents – Motivation Letter

In this lesson, we will learn how to write a motivation letter which represents a crucial step in the application process. The structure of the motivation letter will be explained. Then, writing a winning motivation letter will be elaborate in five main steps which are: Write an outline, write an introduction, expand your outline for your body, conclude your motivation letter, and proofread your motivation letter. This lesson will be supported by an example of a motivation letter that clearly illustrates the mentioned steps.

Lesson 6: The Application Documents – Recommendation Letters

In this lesson, we will learn what elements should be included in strong recommendation letters. We will also learn what questions should be answered in the recommendation letter. Then, we will have a look at what files should be sent to the recommender in order to help him/her write an excellent letter. Finally, a real example of a recommendation letter will be elaborated to make sure how all steps in the lesson should be applied.

Lessons 7 and 8: The Application Procedure

In these lessons, we will learn how all prepared documents should be submitted and the different ways of submission in different programs. Applications for the two programs that we have determined in lesson 2 will be explained as practical examples. Finally, some crucial points will be highlighted to make sure that the application we are submitting is professional and complete.

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