Workshop Plan: Creating the Perfect Wedding Video Yourself


Workshop Plan: Creating the Perfect Wedding Video Yourself, How to plan a workshop – and develop it – aiming at the DIY Wedding market!.

Course Description

This is a short, practical course that is of particular use to those who have:

a. a dream of starting their own business

b. video-editing experience

c. (even better) wedding videographer experience

Hiring a wedding videographer is expensive. There are four main alternatives:

a. not film your wedding

b. hire equipment and a video-editor and film it yourself (Is filming your own wedding as simple as it looks? (No!) )

c. hire a videographer

d. use your iPhone and editing software

But what if there was a way you could learn the basics of being a wedding videographer, the main skills needed – sufficient enough to film your own wedding (or the wedding of your friends) – and also editing the footage. What if there was a workshop offering such a course?

What if, having attended such a workshop, you were so interested that you now aspired to be a wedding videographer – you needed a more advanced workshop?

This course enables you to offer such workshops.

The basic structure is given plus guidelines as to how to expand.

Enrol in this course, acquire the skills needed – and offer a workshop. Initially you’ll be targeting those who want a DIY wedding – but from such a market you’ll be able to offer more developed workshops aimed at those seeking to be a Wedding Videographer.

This is a short course; a condensed course – giving you the structure of such a workshop.

  • You have video-editing skills but lack business experience.
  • You have business experience and basic editing skills.
  • You are seeking a profitable sideline.

You are the target audience for this course!

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