Weight Loss Class, MODULE 01 : Metabolism and Appetite


Weight Loss Class, MODULE 01 : Metabolism and Appetite, Basic concept of calorie deficit, regulation of energy metabolism and appetite.

Course Description

The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide and it has been estimated that a total of 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults worldwide were obese in 2015. This nutritional problem needs to be addressed because and it was responsible for an increasing economic and health burden. Effective actions to prevent weight gain promote weight gain among individuals with overweight and obesity are increasingly necessary. In order to achieve that, lifestyle-based weight loss programs, which include an energy-restricted diet and increased physical activity, are by far the most commonly used weight loss methods.

This class is prepared to enable the students learn about the concept of body weight management. The whole class is separated into 3 modules.

  1. How to control energy metabolism and appetite
  2. The Application of weight loss program
  3. Dietary trend for weight loss

In this first module, you will learn the basic concept of calorie deficit and how to achieve that by understanding how to control metabolism and appetite.

Metabolism is an important component of human being and one property that keeps us alive. However, our body can work “against” us in the context of weight loss because it want to retain body weight as much as possible. In order to learn how to control energy metabolism, you will learn how the metabolism works what factors that influence its variablity.

In addition to metabolism, our appetite can get in a way of our low calorie diet regime. This is true in context of obesity because some individuals becoming obese because of higher appetite. By understand how appetite works, we can help individuals taking control of appetite thus will has a good compliance of the recommended low calorie diet.

This module is important to learn about the application of a low calorie diet and/or weight loss program in general. Our body is unique and clients might have different problems in their energy metabolism or appetite.

This class is tought by Harry Freitag LM, PhD, RD. He is a researcher, teacher, dietitian and content creators who already publlished several scientific reports and books around obesity, diet and weight loss program.


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