Vantage interior workshop – Zero to photorealistic render


Vantage interior workshop – Zero to photorealistic render, Modeling the scene + Lighting, Materials, Camera settings in VRay + Everything about Vantage’s Live-link rendering.

Course Description

A project-base course, made for students who want to get the most in less than 2 hours!

I’ve put all my 15 years of archviz experience in this short course to let my students learn what they need to learn, not more, not less.

You want to say goodbye to test renders in V-Ray?

You want to get your renders in real-time with One Click without having to convert your scene and export that to another application?

You want to learn the most advanced options of Chaos Vantage?

You want to learn archviz from an experienced tutor with more than 10 years of experience in teaching architectural software?

You want to learn everything is needed during an interior rendering project from modeling to final renders?

I guarantee that you’ll get all the above with me in less than 2 hours!

By watching this course, you will learn the fundamentals of modeling the scene in 3ds Max, Lighting the whole scene, assigning all the necessary Materials, all the Camera functions such as Depth of field, Exposure, Framing ,etc.

Then we will go to Chaos Vantage and explore everything we need to know about Live-Link Rendering, from its render presets to post-production features, render settings, etc.

Finally, we will compare the quality & timing of renders with different sampling rates.

In case you had any Questions, I’m in touch to Answer them all!

This course is for everyone who is familiar with 3ds Max & V-Ray

(Keep in mind, if you work with Corona Renderer, you can easily convert your scene to V-Ray and export your scene to Chaos Vantage)

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