US CPA REG Taxation and Regulation


US CPA REG Taxation and Regulation, Comprehensive Training For US CPA REG.

Course Description

Prepare for the US CPA Regulation (REG) Exam with this comprehensive course covering essential topics in taxation and regulation. Whether you’re starting your career in public accounting or aiming to advance in the field, mastering these foundational concepts is crucial.

Chapters Covered:

Chapter 1: Overview of the Regulation Examination
Gain a thorough understanding of the REG exam structure and key content areas.

Chapter 2: Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures
Learn about the ethical standards, professional responsibilities, and federal tax procedures (10-20%).

Chapter 3: Business Law
Explore the critical aspects of business law relevant to accounting professionals (15-25%).

Chapter 4: Federal Taxation of Property Transactions
Delve into the complexities of property transactions and their tax implications (5-15%).

Chapter 5: Federal Taxation of Individuals
Understand the intricacies of individual taxation and how to accurately assess and report individual tax liabilities (22-32%).

Chapter 6: Federal Taxation of Entities
Study the taxation principles applicable to various entities, preparing you to handle diverse client needs.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Aspiring CPAs preparing for the US CPA Exam
  • Accounting professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in taxation and regulation
  • Anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of federal tax procedures and regulations

Master these foundational concepts to excel in the REG exam and confidently assist clients with their tax obligations.

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