Unity from scratch – easy steps to learn for a beginner


Unity from scratch – easy steps to learn for a beginner, Targeted at those who want to quickly start development in Unity and start creating.

Have you dreamed of starting your own game? This course will guide you through easy steps for learning the Unity software and starting your 2D game development. You may have had no experience in Unity or game development prior to starting this course and after completion, you will know the basics of Unity development and can build tiled levels in 2D games.

The course goes step by step for each Unity aspect, I describe what Unity panels tab and windows are for, what information is presented there, and what you need to pay attention to. I am not covering all Unity aspects in this course but I give enough information for you to start working in Unity right away. The Unity aspects I describe there are used by me and other Unity developers when trying to build some project and that’s why I think they are important and I am covering them. If you already know how to work in Unity and use its windows you may skip to section 2 where I start the development of a 2D game. The 2D game I introduce here does not contain any code but I describe how to create tiled maps and tilemap palettes in order to create tiled levels. During the game creation, there are some issues that we will successfully overcome and I have specifically shown them so that you will know how you can find the solution. At the end of the course, you have a basis for 2D game creation, and additional knowledge that is needed for a complete game is not shared in this course. The target auditory is beginners who want to get a video introduction to the Unity engine and understand how Unity works.

Course outline:

  • Unity hub overview
  • Creation and loading of existing projects
  • Introduction to Unity windows and panels
  • Package manager
  • Editor and Scene mode tabs
  • Scene editing
  • 2D¬†dungeon crawler assets import
  • Create a tile map as a basis for a 2D game

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