Ultimate Beginner Ballet mini crash course


Ultimate Beginner Ballet mini crash course, FREE mini introduction to my Ultimate Beginner Ballet course.

Course Description

This is a free mini ballet course for the ultimate beginner or seasoned dancer looking to get back to the basics. If you are someone looking to start ballet for the first time but unsure where to start, this free mini course is a great place! In this free mini ultimate beginner ballet course we are going to work on varying basic ballet elements and vocabulary. this mini course will also include an introduction to talk about the objectives of this course, a brief warm up, we will work through some basic barre and end with a cool down stretch. The elements of ballet we are going to touch on in this course will be plie, tendu, battement, turn preparation, petite allegro and pas de bouree. As we work through learning new ballet vocabulary (you’ll be learning french too, how cool!) basic definitions will be talked about and flashed on screen for better understanding of use and spelling! Together we are going to become better and smarter dancers, I can’t wait for you to find your inner ballet dancer! If you find yourself wanting more dance and ballet in your life, youu will be able to find more in depth instruction in my Ultimate Beginner Ballet course.

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