Twisted Vision Boards


Twisted Vision Boards, Tap Into Your Intuition & Unlock Messages You Need NOW!

Course Description

What’s twisted about my vision boards?

They reveal messages TO you, instead of you projecting messages and meaning onto them.

This practice came about after I accidentally created a fortune-telling vision board in January 2020 that predicted the global events that were about to ensue. The “Twisted” Vision Board also offered advice on how to take care of myself amidst it all, and some other things that would happen for me personally.

I’ll never make a vision board the same again.

With this 1-hour course, you can now create a Twisted Vision Board of your own and receive the special messages it has in store for you.

I’m also including 7 Law of Attraction principles I believe every manifestation goes through before materializing, so you’ll better understand how you are shaping your reality whether you are consciously doing it or not!

These things do not require your belief to be real or be working in your life and that’s why, if you’re skeptical, I encourage you to open yourself up to receive evidence that miracles happen… and they even happen to you.

This course is one of self-discovery and will have you better connected to your intuition, your vision for your life, and your inner guidance system that will help you achieve it.

I’m looking forward to having you in class!

– Ivy

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