Training Program by a World Class Runner, For All Levels !


Training Program by a World Class Runner, For All Levels ! Running program, Nutrition For Runners, Strength Plan, Mental Preparation And Much More.

Course Description

Hi there!

My name is John Heymans, I am a professional runner from Belgium participating in events ranging from the 1500m on the track to the half marathon on the road. I am a multiple Belgian champion, have participated in world championships and am currently training to compete in my first Olympic Games (2024).

My goal is to make you a better runner. It’s as simple as that. This can mean running a new personal best, or just improving and having fun!

I do this by providing you with only the most up-to-date information in running science and industry. No nonsense. I read academic literature on running almost daily and have learned from the best coaches and physiotherapists by training and running races all over the world. It is a goldmine of knowledge, which made me and many other professional runners become world-class runners.

Through guides and videos, you’ll get:

  • A full training plan, with 3 to 4 running workouts per week
  • A strength training plan, for three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • A mobility plan
  • Much more info on topics such as nutrition, mental preparation, training phylosophy, etc.

I really hope you will enjoy this journey! True happiness is found through challenge, setback and personal fulfilment. Running makes us feel alive 😉

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