The Ultimatum in KYC/AML – Knowledge Test


The Ultimatum in KYC/AML – Knowledge Test, Anti-Money Laundering/KYC/CIP/CDD.

Course Description

After launching two successful courses, I’m back again but today not with another course rather with a Knowledge Test

In the beginning I want to highlight that the test is complex one and it’s not going to be easy task for beginners, however though if you feel you are up to the challenge as KYC/AML beginner then feel free to join.

The test will start with 40 multiple choice questions later into the future there would be more questions to be added, the whole idea is to cover as much topics as possible in KYC, AML, CIP.

The percentage of pass is at least 85% and total time is 60 minutes as more questions would be added the time allocated will also increase.

Purpose of the course:-

KYC/AML professionals want to test their knowledge against other experienced professionals, gladly I’m here to do the same and provide enriching experience to my fellow professionals.

Through multiple choice questions, the students can gain a lot of ideas and ensure that they think the right way when addressing day to day KYC profiles.

Test is designed for experienced AML/KYC professionals, however all students from different background are welcome.



Internet connection.

Anywhere around the world.

Android/iPhone or PC/Laptop.

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