The Passion Academy: Connect Deeper In Your Marriage


The Passion Academy: Connect Deeper In Your Marriage, Reignite the Connection and Energy in Your Relationship… IN JUST ONE WEEK!

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Reignite the Connection and Energy in Your Relationship… IN ONE WEEK Without waiting for your partner, overwhelming time commitments, or expensive one-on-one sessions!

If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t have the incredible connection or passion you want…

And your busy lifestyle gets in the way of making progress…

Then you already know that you need a step-by-step course you can follow from the comfort of your own home!

After all you probably already know that a course created by a certified relationship coach would:

  • Give you all the same effective strategies you’d learn in a one-on-one session without the intensity, inconvenience, and high cost.
  • Allow you the flexibility and control to take action at a faster pace without waiting for anyone.
  • Save you the stress of spending hundreds of dollars a SESSION for a (seemingly) endless amount of time.

Here’s What Most Don’t Realize About Relationship Success…

– Almost nothing is worse than feeling like the connection you once felt for each other is hopelessly gone. By understanding the start-to-finish process for igniting this connection you’ll rekindle a friendship so strong you can’t wait to spend time together.

– In an attempt to “keep the peace” in a dysfunctional relationship, many choose to hide the authentic characteristics that make them special. By implementing a weekly guided check-in to appreciate your differences you’ll feel free to be your authentic self without judgment!

– During times of stress and crisis it can be isolating to feel like the person you spend time with the most isn’t there for you. By understanding the strategies to meet each other’s ingrained psychological needs, you’ll have the tools to show up for each other when you need it most!

– Constant distrust, arguments, and jealousy can leave you hopelessly stuck spending your precious time-fighting fires. By understanding the practices that create a fulfilling relationship, you’ll say goodbye to constant bickering and make way for love and understanding!

So I have to be honest… I wasn’t always happy in our relationship and this fancy schmancy-certified relationship coach. I remember when I first started dating my wife…

We had a connection and passion that we figured was strong enough to weather the storms of life. Strong enough to give us that “happily-ever-after” we always wanted growing up.

Well… it didn’t take long for those dreams to go up in smoke!

Initially, we could hide it from everyone. But the ones closest to us knew:

  • Any little miscommunication could send us spiraling into intense shouting matches
  • We had chore-like sex out of a feeling of necessity (to do what “normal” couples do)
  • We felt hopeless that we could make any changes.


So after one hopeless fetal position weeping session in my backyard, I said enough is enough. I knew there had to be a way we could create a best-friend-worthy connection and have the passion we’d never had before WITHOUT sacrificing our other priorities.

And if you’ve EVER tried to go on this journey yourself I have intense empathy for you, because the relationship between the self-help community is chock-full of useless opinions and ineffective solutions that (at best) only KINDA help short term.

  • Google searches will leave you more confused than when you started
  • Friends and family make you feel understood but give biased advice out of context
  • Online forums are where cynical people shine
  • And if you’re like I was, even THINKING about getting professional help loads you with anxieties that fuel the “it’s not THAT bad” justification.

Here’s Why Most Relationships With The Potential To Have Incredible Connection and Passion End Up Apart:

Without a comprehensive, week-by-week project plan they can do at their own pace, most couples feel overwhelmed and completely hopeless.

They fall victim to the chronic pains of incomplete advice, lack of clarity over what to do next, and their incredibly busy lifestyles.

Here’s why this can be irreversible:

Spending too much time justifying the “not THAT bad” zone of your relationship leaves your relationship incredibly vulnerable.

Until it was staring at me in the face, I didn’t want to believe that every moment we spent with feelings that something was missing gave any home-wrecker an opportunity to fill the void.

Because every moment you spend arguing, stressed out or frustrated takes you both further and further away from what you KNOW you can have- a life full of laughs and butterflies long-term.

But I want to give you hope.

Regardless of how long you’ve been together or how bad things seem to be, you’re not too far gone from creating a happily-ever-after relationship.

  • Today even with increasing priorities and the new addition of our son my wife and I continue to have playfulness and joy as a natural staple in our day-to-day lives.
  • We have immeasurably more passion than we had in the “honeymoon” phase. I have a desire for my wife that I didn’t think was possible!
  • And not only that but we have systems in place that create massive progress we can FEEL in our relationship with only 30 minutes a week.

Today I’ve had the pleasure of teaching over 3,000 students how to create the same results for themselves. The same success that is available to you if you can avoid the mistakes that most couples make on their path to relationship fulfillment…

The 5 Reasons Most Relationships Are Unfulfilling.

(and how to guarantee yours won’t be!)

Waiting for their partner

Most couples wait for things to be perfect together to get started on their path to relationship fulfillment. In a perfect world this is ideal but when you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around your partner how likely is this to happen? Yeah… slim to none! Leaving you in the same unfulfilling relationship for YEARS.

Taking everyone’s advice

Relationships are one of those things where everyone and their mother has an opinion about it, but almost no one knows how to do it correctly… Without someone to guide them through the noise, couples fall victim to the confusion of contradictory advice.

Not knowing where to start

“Are relationships only about communication? Finances? Appreciation? What about great sex? Oh and where do I start first?” With how intangible relationship success is, it can be difficult to know what to start with first. Without a blueprint, couples are forced to go through a lifetime of trial and error.

Learning without applying

Couples with a Ph.D. in relationship THEORY are no better off than couples who have never laid eyes on self-help… in fact, they’re usually worse off! Without clear action steps, couples develop an expectation that they should be further along, and therefore create feelings of hopelessness that “nothing ever works.”


Only fixing problems as they show up

Most couples go through their relationship constantly in a state of fix, fix, fix! Not only is this extremely time-consuming, it usually never gets them to the root of the problem, leaving them to fend for themselves against the frustration of recurring arguments.

I get it… And these 5 things are why MOST people don’t have a relationship full of incredible connection and passion.

So I decided to solve all FIVE of these problems at the same time!

What if you could have:

  • Relationship progress without waiting for anyone
  • A holistic approach that breaks you free from the noise
  • Clear action steps so you can actually create progress
  • Relationship problems are solved at the source instead of surface level
  • Step-by-step training so you’ll never wonder what’s next

That’s why I’ve created The Passion Academy

The Passion Academy is a step-by-step training that will take you through the entire process of reigniting the connection and energy in your relationship with an easy-to-follow week-by-week framework!

It’s based on everything that I’ve learned from my time as a certified life coach helping more than 3,000 couples create relationship amazingness.

So whether you’re in a relationship that lacks connection, passion, trust, appreciation… or ALL of them this is exactly how you’ll create massive progress…

So don’t wait any longer to create the relationship you DESERVE!

I’ll see you on the other side!

Gain access to the same framework I used in my coaching practice and:

The only weekly blueprint that will take your relationship from okay… to outstanding!

(no matter your age, how long you’ve been together, or your beliefs)

What you can look forward to:

  • Take total control of your relationship happiness with a weekly progress blueprint
  • Learn how to live in an abundance of your emotional needs (connection, excitement, appreciation, trust)
  • Enjoy 1.5 HOURS of relationship coach-certified content and fillable worksheets
  • Prove to yourself (and the world) that settling down doesn’t have to mean settling!

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