The Millennial’s Guide to Overcoming Burnout!


The Millennial’s Guide to Overcoming Burnout! Millennial Mindset Makeover: Get Unstuck from Burnout and Rediscover Your Most Authentic Identity.

Course Description

The Millennial Mindset Makeover is designed to support the growing number of millennials who are hitting the brick wall of mental burnout.  By learning the neuropsychology of burnout, you’ll walk away with the tools and strategies to create a new routine and action plan that allows you to take that first or next step toward YOUR own intentions, passions, and purpose.

The course is focused on the “3 Rs”.

1.) Recognize: understanding the brain science of burnout and our subconscious mindset.  You learn how our default stress response originated, the difference between physical and emotional stress, and how your mindset of beliefs are formed.

2.) Regulate & Recover: creating brain-based habits that allow you to regulate your nervous system and more effectively address stress and the circumstances that cause it.  These habits and strategies allow you to better manage stress and the circumstances of your life that cause it.

3.) Reprogram: creating brain-based habits to reprogram your subconscious beliefs so that they allow you to thrive, rather than keep you stuck. These habits and strategies allow you to better manage the thoughts and narratives that oftentimes keep us stuck in burnout mode due to our subconscious beliefs.

When the “3 Rs” are implemented together, you’ll have the knowledge and strategies that allow you to create an action plan that works for you and your goals.

It’s never to late to hit reset and reclaim your true, most authentic identity and hit reset!

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